The last five years before you retire are critical. You’ve got big questions on your mind:

  • Will your savings last throughout the rest of your lifetime?
  • Is there a backup plan for unexpected events?
  • How long will you live, and are you prepared for that?
  • What’s going on with Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid?
  • Do your investment and retirement income plans fit your upcoming retirement needs?

Thinking about retiring can be overwhelming, but here’s a brief guide to help you relax a bit.

Check Where You Stand

Take a close look at your finances. How much do you have, and how much will you need? Review your investments. Nearing retirement is probably the time to adjust your priorities from growth to preservation. Not sure about your retirement needs? Speak to a Financial Architect and allow them to help you.

Safeguard Your Assets

There’s insurance out there to protect you and your investments. Long-Term Care Insurance is also something to think about – it covers care costs if you ever need it, and chances are, you might.

Consider Your Family’s Needs

Also, think about your family’s needs and whether your life insurance will meet their needs.

Life’s full of surprises, especially in the five years leading up to retirement. Health, job status, or family changes can all impact your plans.

Having a solid plan can smooth out unexpected bumps. A Financial Architect can make sure your strategy is sound. Give our office a call at (435)773-9444 or click here to schedule a time to sit down and visit to see if you’re on the right path.